Uncertain Art Exhibition

Having come to Singulart on 28th of May, 2018, I noticed several outstanding objects in the backyard:

Astonished about how easily they could have been qualified as somebody’s art installation, I’ve decided to announce an art show on May 31st and invite people to come. However, since I wasn’t sure that these green metal “things” will stay as is, I honestly wrote in the event description: the exhibition is “likely” to happen. In case they stayed, I planned to invite audience to explain them in art terms. In other words, to view them as if they were really art objects conceived as work of art. The reality was that on May 31st they were gone already. Tiny traces of green enamel on the ground, that is all viewers were able to see when they’ve come. Just like “Collective Actions” did in 70-th, I’ve given everyone an acknowledgement about the fact that the person whose name is written in it, have actually attended the “Uncertain Exhibition”.

Was that art? Was that action? Was that fake?

Was I the curator, an artist, or a bad guy?

Alexey Buistov