Publications Library

Singulart publications library project was launched in 2018. Thanks to our institutional partners, we have received a plethora of fascinating literature. Long story short, Singulart publications library is a curated collection of books and magazines covering the following subjects:

  1. Arts and culture
  2. Cinema
  3. Sound
  4. Video
  5. Networks, internet
  6. Contemporary philosophy
  7. Architecture and urbanistics
  8. Contemporary economical and political condition
  9. Art theory and history
  10. Museums and archives
  11. Multiculturality
  12. Ecology
  13. Post-colonial discourse
  14. Queer and feminism
  15. Cultural Studies

Intellectual publications require some time to read. This is why you can borrow a book or two at our library and take them home, using these simple steps:

  1. Pick and choose the book you like using our Instagram catalogue: @singulartlib
  2. Contact us either by Instagram DM, Singulart Facebook page DM , or via email: singulart [dog] and express your interest
  3. Then we arrange a meeting somewhere in the city (usually, the upper exit from Khreschatyk subway station.
  4. You get the book you wanted, leaving a small cash deposit with us. This deposit may differ depending on the book you have requested to borrow.
  5. Voila! The book is yours for one month (the term may be extended a little in case of big fat books), please treat it like you treat most precious things in this world. After you give it back in the same condition it was initially, your deposit is returned also.