О нас

Established in 2014, Singulart is a non-profit, non-government think tank committed to building strong, long-lasting links between European and Ukrainian cultural landscapes. It is our deep belief that contemporary art constitutes an invaluable framework for collective describing, reflecting on, and impacting the current political, socioeconomic and ecological conditions. It is our deep belief that the language of contemporary art is truly universal, cross-border and transnational.

As a result of in-depth monitoring commenced in 2016, we at Singulart have come to a saddening conclusion that, despite the great creative potential, post-Maidan Ukrainian arts and culture scene is predominantly isolated, disconnected from European art currents and, in some cases, dangerously close to vulgar nativism. Increasing privatization of art sphere by oligarсh-funded institutions, commercial galleries and auction houses, seems to be openly celebrated by many Ukrainians.

Singulart activities revolve around its pivotal goal: to bridge the gap between our not so distant worlds. We work hard towards increasing the exposure of thoughtfully selected Ukrainian art in EU. We seek opportunities to also increase the exposure of EU artists in Ukraine. In order to raise the awareness of the global artistic agenda locally, we at Singulart regularly attend the Berlin Biennale, Venice Biennale, Manifesta, documenta, Münster Skulptur Projekte etc. Managed by a group of dedicated supporters, Singulart is based in Kiev and is currently engaged in setting up the network of institutional partners across the EU.